Thursday, 17 December 2015


I have been missing in action for some time.
I lived in the area for a brief time and my marriage broke up, so I had to have some recovery time.
That being said, I am all apples now and have had many responses I have not dealt with...
I am here again, but as a school teacher I only have 6 weeks before utter mayhem again...

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Clunes South Mine

Found this Federation medal from 1901. They were common  and worn during celebrations.

Other lovely little finds from the day.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Les Solomano- 1935

Kookaburras in a Haystack

Because of his record of kookaburras nesting in a most unusual situation, and because of his interesting notes on the birds, Les. Solomano, of Talbot, is awarded second prize:

 "For weeks a pair of kookaburras worked hard tunneling in the side of our haystack. They were working so hard that they spread out their tails as if to cling to the side.

"When the tunnel was about 12 inches long they laid four eggs in it. Three young ones came out but one was squashed. Then another one died.

"The young ones' eyes were closed for about a fortnight, and the first out of the egg had its eyes open first. This one got all the food, and therefore starved his mate.

"I took the weak one when it could only prop itself up with its beak, but it died. I think I should have taken the strong one away earlier, so that the mother could feed the weak one. One day I thought the little one sounded hungry so I looked in the nest and found a snake about 12in. long. It was alive but helpless. I could not see any mark to show how the kookaburra had wounded the snake. I pounded it up and fed it in bits, and it was a real relish.

"Now the baby's feathers are growing mottled like those of the parents, and it calls out like a kookaburra learning to laugh."

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1956), Thursday 26 December 1935, page 4

Friday, 15 March 2013

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Brogan's Clay Hut- Amherst

Amherst- clay bottles

I think this might be the tip for the Horse and Jockey Hotel- 1858-1908 in Amherst:

Amherst Police Camp

The Police Camp at Amherst 1852
There is still a lot of glass and sherds of pottery scattered over the site.


  • AMHERST POLICE STATION. William Ferrier escaped from; formerly in police force at Ballarat, in gaol for sly grog selling. 21 November 1855 p.225. Victoria Police Gazette. See also HILL, P. It is also worth trying the Avoca & District Historical Society, as they may hold information on this station and the police who served in it.
  • AMHERST POLICE STATION. Central District. Has been broken up. 10 August 1892 p.210. Victoria Police Gazette
  • HILL, Patrick A. Information requested. Discharged 1864 after four years service in Mounted police at Maryborough; subsequently pound keeper at Amherst and groom in a Melbourne hotel. May have gone to India. 2 August 1876. Victoria Police Gazette
source: Victoria Police & Police Station Database.

COURT RECORDS held at the Pulic Records Office:
2.11.0 AMHERST COURTS [VA 1480]
: Court of Petty Sessions Cause List Books
1859-1867 2 volumes Open LAV VPRS 1389
: County Court Plaint Summons Files
1859-1889 1 box Open BAL VPRS 5804
: County Court Records
1859-1891 2 volumes Open LAV VPRS 1392
: Plaint Summons Files
1860-1870 1 box Open BAL VPRS 5791
: Court of Mines Register
1862-1863 1 volume Open BAL VPRS 5790
: Court of Mines Register and Petty Sessions Fee Book
1862-1865 1 volume Open LAV VPRS 1390
: Register of Claims
1869-1880 1 volume Open BAL VPRS 1649
: Register of Applications for Mining Leases
1892-1902 1 volume Open BAL VPRS 1624
: Police Journal
1857-1858 1 volume Open BAL VPRS 1015

Friday, 17 August 2012

Shearing at Jalvimn Park, Caralulup 2012

 This property has about 1500 sheep to shear.  At the sorting table are Neil, Joelene and John.  But you can't see the chief Roustabout Saphire- one tough little lady :)

Head Rousty Saphy

Neville kindly showed me how to shear.