Sunday, 29 April 2012

Amherst hospital

Written by William Ives, it paints a vivid picture of the times and sings the praises of the Amherst Hospital, the doctor and staff.


Sad in heart, and travelling on the road sick, and weary, and on my back a load;
Arriving at Avoca, I was glad it came in view;
To travel any further, I found I could not do;
No money in my pocket, no friends to help me there,
I trusted in my Jesus and on Him threw my every care;
Someone advised me strongly to Amherst tread my way,
And in Hospital there for a while to try and stay.
The doctor of that place in Avoca chanced to be,
So off I went at once, that Gentleman to see;
Looking minutely at me,
And scanning me all o’er
He got an order for me, and did a great deal more -
He put me in his buggy, swag and billy too;
Arriving at the Hospital, I soon was put to bed,
And only for the kindly care, would now be numbered with the dead;
God bless the doctor, I do say, Matron and staff as well,
May we all meet above, with God in Heaven to dwell.
I am leaving here, and my thanks indeed are due
To the treatment I received, and kind attention too.
God bless the people I do say, who take the poor in here, and may
they ever prosper in this uncertain land.
When I am far away, my thoughts shall wander
And bless the Amherst Hospital,
Through one on the track.


 Two weeks later I went back to the same dig and found more missing pieces.. one or two more to go.
There are several old fire-pits strewn with glass and ceramics shards.  This is the largest and I rekon it is probably the one with the most glass.

This has got to be one of the most exciting finds- this is a blue willow platter- for a roast I assume.  I dug about three feet and found it deeply wedged under the root of a gum tree.  I LOVE Blue Willow.

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