Sunday, 13 May 2012

Clay pipes from Amherst

The first full pipe I have found (the bowl that is).  I have dated similar ones to be about 1880-90.

This rather racially offensive pipe was dug up, and when I searched online for a similar type, it was listed as being common in the US around the 1860's.  It is certainly much older in design than the small basket decorated one above.  The lip of the bowl is a lot finer or brittle and has damage from the user.  The left bowl has damage to the side of the face, but it is a pretty remarkable find.

All these pipes and pieces were found at the Amherst site


  1. Hello Billy, loved the photos. What a find! What would Douglas MacArthur say? Gary Oliver

  2. Thanks for the encoragement Gary, didn't Gen. MacArthur say: "I will return."- poor Japan!

  3. Hey mate i live in maryborough. Were abouts are you. Id like to catch up one day and pick your brain for some good info lol. Hit me up on twitter.


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