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Tunnel Hill see this pdf from the Department of Planning and Community Development.



Central Goldfields Shire, Central Goldfields Shire
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Heritage Inventory (HI) Number


Heritage Inventory Description

/n/nAdit - The adit is currently being worked. Modern mining buildings erected on the site. - large (13ft long) elongated diamond with circles top and bottom. /n/nThe tunnel at this site is still open and is currently being reworked by a small operator. Other evidence of former gold mining operations is also located in the immediate area. (p178)/n/nSOURCES:Talbot and Clunes Conservation Study, Richard Aitken 1988
______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Heritage Inventory Significance:/n/nLocal/n/nIntegrity of the site reduced as to have very little interpretive value./n/nEXISTING HERITAGE LISTING: /n/nTunnel Hill mine, off Lexton-Talbot Road, Talbot. Schedule One: Buildings recommended for inclusion in the Shire of Talbot and Clunes Interim Development Order; This gold mining site is significant for the intactness of its physical remains, being one of the few early reef mines in the shire where a tunnel is still intact. (p178)/n/nINTERPRETATION:/n/nThis is one of the few former mining sites within the shire where a tunnel of such an early date is still open. The current reworking is of such a small scale that it does not jeopardise the integrity of the site, although more intensive working could easily destroy attributes of this site. (p.178)


Contextual History:History of Place:
Heritage Inventory History of Site:
1861: Tunnel driven ('so it is said') in 1861.
1917: One mile west of Talbot. Formerly worked for over half a mile in length in an open cut, a tunnel and shallow shafts (including Gordon's shaft), up to 85 feet deep. The reef is 45 feet thick when exposed in the tunnel, which is driven, so it is said, in 1861. General desire by Prospecting Association to re-work the reef.
1917: Victoria Gully - On east side of Tunnel Hill Reef, 1 mile west of Talbot. Formerly rich alluvial. The material in this gully is now being cyanided.


  1. Ive been through this hill. Video on youtube.

  2. I have left a comment on the Brogan Hut, 2 years ago, now. Now I have come back to find, that Brogan's Hut and Tunnel Hill are shown here as 2 different places. In our Family History, James and Harriot Brogan bought all this property from a Mr Logan. Can some one let me know as to why this is now 2 identities and not one. Who did the Brogans sell it on to or who is todays caretaker. The history before it was purchased by the Brogans, takes us back to convicts from Ireland to Van Diemans land and then freedom certificates, and on the other side of the family history, is Stephen White and Peggy Vass,(Margaret peggy Anderson) from the history of the smashing of the "Blendan Hall" they lived on Tristan da cunah island, for 7 years. There is a painting of this story in the Australian Art Gallery. The story of that journey is written and if you put "Stephen White and the Blendan Hall", it is all there.

  3. Hi
    Lyn my aim was never to offend you. I simply went there and took photos. Your information is invaluable, however these two posts were always separate. If you woul like to do an article for the blog please feel free. I am not trying to impose any opinion on anyone. I know very little about the hut or mine.


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