Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Brogan's Clay Hut- Amherst


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  2. I believe this is my 3x great grandparents clay huts. That I heard about as a child. Can some one let me know. I have the story about John Brogan that I will send if you would like.
    Cheers Lyn.

  3. This is the story after I have researched it Properly.
    My Great Great Grandmother 1850-1897, Catherine Brogan. James Brogan, the eventual owner of this property, is her Brother.

    This is the mine in the Maryborough Forest, that was started by J. Cole, and bought by James and Harriet Brogan. This was Catherine Brogans brother, and her . Remember John Brogan was a Convict , sent to Van Dieman's Land, from Ireland, for stealing a Pig. James and Harriet Brogan had 4-5 children. They all lived in this dug out, that had one bedroom. The mine that James bought was behind the house.. Making their home underground, kept them both warm in Winter and cool in the summer. Harriet and James, raised Peter Herbert Silva, from 5 years till a young teenager, when he moved on with John Silva, His older Brother.Brogan’s hut and paddock are the remains of a
    home once occupied by the Brogan family.
    Amazingly, the mud brick walls of the house are still
    clearly visible. James and Harriette Brogan lived in
    this tiny one room house with four children. Brogan’s
    hut and paddock are in the Daisy Hill State Forest,
    off Mudbrick Track. Access Mudbrick Track from
    Possum Gully Road or from Settling Ponds Road.

  4. Hi All,
    My name is Jamie from Melbourne.
    From a young age my parents liked to take us on holidays in the goldfields. We would mostly stay in the Maryborough caravan park and mainly do day trips around Amherst, Daisy Hill, Adelaide Lead etc. I spent my time riding my dirt bike around all the tracks. By the age of 10 I knew every single track there was in the area from Amherst to Maryborough, and also found many old shafts hidden out in the scrub off the tracks. Over 30 years later I can still perfectly navigate my way through the tracks and know where all the modern day mining companies have been. I've seen them all come and go.
    In approximately 1980 we parked our Valiant at the clay hut ruins and my mum was detecting with her very expensive and state of the art Red Baron Bounty Hunter detector. She hit a large target about 10 meters away from the clay walls, I helped her dig it out. We had found a very old, heavy and intricate wrought iron bed head. It was the size of a single bed. I guess nobody had previously found it before because metal detectors were new technology and quite expensive. Hardly anyone had them or more importantly this type of hobby wasn't as common as it is today.
    The bed head was brought back to Melbourne and stored in my dad's shed. It was never cataloged or recorded as a major significant piece of history of the clay hut ruins.
    To my mums disgust, my dad did some spring cleaning about 10 years later and threw it down the tip. ???????? Why would anyone do that ?
    However there is something I still have from the day we found it, a nice colour photo of my mum holding the Red Baron and myself standing there holding it upright looking very proud of our nice find.

    If anyone wants to see the photos, contact me at and I would be glad to share them.


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