Caralulup State School

Above: The actual school
Below:This is the class of 1909.  Here there are two female teachers. Just next to the second window, on the right hand side of the back row is Stella Solomano, Mr Les Solomano's aunt as a little schoolgirl.  Thank you very much to Mr Les and and Mrs Joy Solomano.

Caralulup State School site- on the corner to the upper right

Finds from the gate near the school site

One of the three pine trees which has fallen

Over the last weeks two of the old pine trees, one of which had already fallen and the other which was rotten were burned for safety on the property. The fire has been tended all week and is just about out.

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  1. Thank you very much to the Solomano family for their generosity, patience and time for all of this information.


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